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I hired Anthony to represent me in a theft larceny case. I have had no experience what so ever at 39 years of age of dealing with anything of this magnitude. It was an EXTREMELY odd and complicated case to say the least, that lasted for well over a year.

Anthony and his team were there for me through EVERY step of the process and were always available any time I had any questions. He gives you a solid HONEST opinion of your case and truth be told it wasn’t easy for me financially or emotionally, but he worked with me to make sure my life remained intact. I’ve heard horror stories about lawyers trying to up-sell their services – Anthony – Not even close – He gives you the options and lets you decide what path you want to take –

The verdict came back not guilty and when my wife filed for divorce a year later he was the first person I called to represent me to consider my best interests. I HIGHLY recommend him and his team to help you with any issue you might have. He is willing to work for you and considers every situation with an open mind, always looking out for his clients best interests.

I am new to this whole lawyer thing and needless to say, as I said — I have heard horror stories. He is absolutely legit and I respect his work ethic and all of employees that help him. Without his representation I truly feel my life would have taken a different turn.

by Al – Criminal Defense & Family Law

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