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OUI/DUI Second Offense Defense – Not Guilty at Trial

Client from out of state was travelling through a small town when he encountered road construction and a detour. He stopped to ask the detail officer for directions, but had an open can of Pabst Blue Ribbon between his legs. The officer had him pull to the side of the road and perform field sobriety tests. After failing all tests, he was placed under arrest and charged with a second offense OUI. After thorough cross

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Tow Truck Driver Hit Head On

Client was working as a tow truck operator when he was struck head on by another vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle attempted to flee, but was held on scene until officers could respond. After much negotiation, the case settled for the automobile insurance policy limits.

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Worcester OUI/DUI Defense – .08 Breath Test – Not Guilty at Trial

Client was stopped after travelling the wrong way up a one way street in Worcester. After failing field sobriety tests she was arrested and brought back to the police station where she took and failed a breathalyzer with a .08. Under cross examination, the officer agreed that there was no obvious signage of the one way street and that there was no way to tell what our client’s blood alcohol level was at the time

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Drug Charges – Dismissed – Worcester District Court

Client was walking in the City of Worcester when he was approached by a police officer. Officer testified that he had been working with an informant who provided information that our client was selling drugs. Upon seeing the officer approach, our client attempted to conceal narcotics by placing them in his mouth. After a brief struggle, our client was arrested and charged with drug possession. At a motion hearing, extensive cross examination of the officer

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Truck Driver Struck Head On – $125,000.00 Settlement

Our client was working driving a box truck one evening when he was struck head on by a small passenger vehicle. The operator of the passenger vehicle was reportedly travelling in excess of 100mph and crossed over in front of our client. Luckily our client was operating a box truck and suffered less extensive injuries as a result. After almost a year of treatment and negotiation we were able to secure him a settlement of

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Worcester OUI/DUI – Third Offense – Not Guilty at Trial

Client was operating her vehicle late one evening when an off-duty officer called to report her vehicle all over the road. An on-duty officer was dispatched and pulled her over. After noticing the odor of alcohol and bloodshot/glassy eyes, he had her perform field sobriety test. After failing all of the tests, she was arrested. At trial, we were able to discredit the testimony of the off-duty officer after thorough cross examination and our client

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Assault with a Dangerous Weapon – Not Guilty at Trial

Client was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon after a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend. After extensive preparation and cross examination it was revealed that the parities had recently been in Probate Court where the girlfriend lost a bid to obtain more support for the child that they had shared custody of just days before these accusations. Our client was a great father that was devastated by these accusations and we were able to establish

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OUI/DUI Defense – Worcester Roadblock Sobriety Checkpoint – Dismissed

Client was stopped at a Worcester roadblock sobriety checkpoint. He was instructed to pull to the side and was asked to step out of his vehicle. Client failed all field sobriety testing and was taken to the State Police barracks. At the barracks he was examined by a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) and failed the screening. He was charged with OUI – Drugs. After thorough examination of the facts and protocols we determined that the

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