Business Litigation

Civil litigation cases between a consumer and a business fall under the category of business litigation. Because of such things as bylaws, corporate agreements and other documents, business litigation can be rather complex.

The possible claim situations vary considerably and can include any combination of the following:

  • Contract & licensing disputes – real estate, construction, insurance, general business, etc.
  • Business formation and internal business disputes
  • Debt collection and asset protection
  • Landlord-tenant disputes – property damages, nonpayment of rent, failure to maintain property, breach of lease, etc.
  • Professional negligence
  • Employment law – wrongful termination, discrimination & harassment, retaliation, etc.


These and other business litigation issues can arise seemingly out of the blue and are often best handled by an attorney with vast business litigation experience. While it may be tempting or seem simple enough to handle the situation on your own, often times this results in giving the other party an undue advantage – at times negating your right to any claim at all.

Attorney Anthony J. Luzzo takes your rights seriously and will do everything in our power to protect your rights. If we are able to move toward a successful resolution using alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) without court action, we will do so. Our negotiation skills are top notch and we are highly experienced in arbitration and mediation.

At times there is simply no alternative to court intervention and in these cases we will fight vehemently on your behalf. The bottom line is, regardless of whether your case goes to court or is resolved through ADR, we understand your need to take as little time away from your business as possible. You can trust us to move swiftly on your behalf and provide the extensive support you need to win your case.

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