Drug Offenses

Drug offenses are the most common criminal charges brought in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts after OUI / DUI charges.  Drug offenses are crimes which involve the possession, manufacturing, or distribution of drugs that are classified as having a potential for abuse.

Our criminal defense attorneys handle cases involving:

  • drug possession with intent to sell and/or distribute cases
  • drug trafficking cases
  • drug possession cases
  • drug manufacturing


Drug offenses can bring about serious consequences which may include a mandatory minimum jail sentence and the loss of a driver’s license.  Criminal records stemming from any drug offense can follow a person for the rest of their lives.  Criminal records for drug offenses can ruin a person’s employment potential, limit prospects to gain admission to college or graduate school, limit the ability to secure a scholarship, and even prevent the ability to obtain citizenship in the U.S..

If you or someone you know has been charged with a drug offense, Attorney Luzzo can help.  Contact us to schedule your consultation and learn what we can do to protect your rights, reduce the charges, and minimize the penalties.

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