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Attorney Luzzo took over our case because our attorney who originally had our case was having a really difficult time with the court system in Massachusetts. Our case was a DUI case that lasted for two years and never got resolved because of, what I feel, was an abuse of power within the trial court. Attorney Luzzo took over at a moment’s notice and made us feel that we had a chance at finally getting this resolved, one way or the other. He was extremely professional, worked very hard and also exhibited strong determination in stating the facts and knowing that we had an excellent chance of winning the case without compromising his integrity or ours. He is a great attorney and we truly appreciated him taking our case one week before trial and giving us the best outcome possible – charges dropped after a very long and lengthy wait and gross injustice. I would highly recommend Attorney Anthony J. Luzzo as a skilled, professional and very responsive attorney who can immediately defend your case even within a very short time frame. He is excellent.

by a DUI client

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