Head on Car Collision

Our client had the right of way as she passed through a green traffic signal when another vehicle ran a red left turn traffic signal and collided head on with our client’s vehicle. Among physical injuries, our client witnessed the severity of the injuries of the passengers of the other vehicle and suffered PTSD as a result. Within one year from the date of accident, we were able to secure the full Bodily Injury and

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OUI – .18 Breath Test – Not Guilty

Our client was stopped at 1:15am after committing marked lanes violations. The officer reported her having an odor of alcohol, bloodshot and glassy eyes and slurred speech. He asked her to step from the vehicle perform field sobriety tests which he stated she failed. The officer then placed her under arrest for OUI and transferred her to the station where she consented to a breath test. She registered a .18 BAC which is over double

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Sexual Assault by Teacher – $300,000.00 Settlement

Clients were four young girls that alleged they were each sexually assaulted by a former teacher many years before when they were in the 3rd grade. Each client came forward at different times and gave very similar descriptions as to what happened to them. After the criminal case concluded, we brought suit against both the teacher and the school for various claims. The case presented difficulty as both defendants denied liability and the allegations took

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OUI – .17 Breath Test – Not Guilty

Our client was travelling home late one night in Leicester when she was pulled over for speeding and marked lanes violations. The officer reported her having an odor of alcohol and slurred speech and asked her to perform field sobriety tests. After failing the field tests, the officer placed her under arrest for OUI and transferred her to the station where she consented to a breath test which registered over double the legal limit at

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OUI – .14 Breath Test – Not Guilty

Our Client was arrested and charged with OUI after police observed him make marked lanes violations at 12:20am. Client was asked to step from his vehicle and perform field sobriety tests which he was not able to do to the satisfaction of the officer. He was transported to the station where he consented to a breathalyzer test and registered a .14 BAC, almost double the legal limit. After careful examination of the procedures, we were

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Hostage Victim – $150,000.00 Settlement

Client was a 15 year old boy that was lured into a garage by a few older teenagers. He was held against his will and was beaten over the next several hours. During this incident, our client was even held at gun point and pistol whipped. After the criminal case concluded against the older teenagers, we made demand upon the insurance companies that covered them. Though the insurance carriers denied liability pursuant to the “intentional

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Bicyclist Hit by Car – $100,000.00 Settlement

Client was in his early 40’s and was riding his bicycle through the city when he was struck by an elderly driver. Client was thrown from his bike and suffered a complicated ankle fracture. We were able to secure our client a policy limit settlement in the amount of $100,000.00 within a few months of the accident.

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3rd Offense OUI – Not Guilty

Client was arrested and charged with a 3rd Offense OUI, along with other counts, after police responded to the report of a motor vehicle accident. Officers arrested our client after he allegedly hit two parked cars and brought him to the police station where he was booked. Due to this being the client’s 3rd Offense, he faced up to 2 ½ years in the House of Correction and an extensive license loss. Though convicted of

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Passenger Suffers Lacerated Liver

Client was the back seat passenger of a motor vehicle that was being driven by an intoxicated operator near Worcester. The driver struck a telephone pole head on and our client suffered various injuries with the most severe being a lacerated liver. Client was able to make a full recovery, though painful and lengthy. We were able to secure a $70,000.00 settlement for our client.

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Can my 14-year-old decide to live with my ex?

As a divorcing parent battling over custody, there is always the fear that your child will decide they would rather live with the other parent. Even once custody has been determined, parents worry as children get older, they will want to move in with the other parent. Rest assured that minor children can’t make legal decisions, such as where they want to live. It is a common misconception that once a child reaches a certain

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The Massachusetts Criminal Arraignment Process

It’s easy for attorneys to take for granted the knowledge they have regarding a criminal arraignment. After all, they may find themselves in court several times a week, so the process is second nature to them. Unless you have been involved in a criminal legal process, the things that go on during a hearing can be shrouded in mystery. Let’s examine the process and review what one can expect during an arraignment. The Probation Department

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Get a Grip on Legal Jargon: Divorce Terms Explained

When facing divorce, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the legal jargon used throughout the process. Add this frustration to the mounting stress and heightened emotion, and you may be left making poor decisions. While our firm is here to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you have, this guide can help clarify some of the legal jargon you may encounter. Types of Divorce Irretrievable Breakdown of the Marriage This cause

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Tracking Child Support Payments

Under Massachusetts law, both parents have a duty to support their child. Typically, following a separation or divorce, only one parent is considered the custodial parent. This is the parent who lives with and has primary care of the child. The support provided by the custodial parent is offered in the time and care given to the child. When families no longer live under one roof, sharing duties equally can be difficult. This is why

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My husband’s medical condition was misdiagnosed. Who should be held responsible?

When a serious injury or even death results from a misdiagnosed condition, there are several parties that can be held liable. This includes doctors, radiologists, nurses, and pharmacists as potentially responsible parties. However, for a medical professional to be held liable for medical malpractice, there are specific legal requirements under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts law. Restrictions stipulate when a claim can be made, limit the damages, and require specific types of evidence. Failing to diagnose

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Signs it Might Be Time to Get a Divorce

The decision to divorce isn’t always cut and dry. While, in some cases, divorce is the best course of action, it remains a difficult decision. Only you know what is in your heart and the best way forward for you and your family. If you’re considering divorce, the following signs may help make your decision clear. Silence is Deadly While constant arguing doesn’t make a healthy relationship, silence can be a sign of avoidance or

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Criminal Law Defense Strategies

When accused of a crime, many clients want to know what strategies are available to them for defending their case. Because criminal courts require that a judge or jury determine guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, it is up to the defense attorney to use a strategy that creates such doubt in a client’s criminal case. While there are many strategies defense attorneys use to help clients receive an acquittal, the four most commonly discussed include

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Know Your Right to Recover Compensation From a Slip and Fall

When you experience a slip and fall, there are a number of Massachusetts laws and legal rules that will affect your case. Slip and fall injuries can be severe, especially during winter months when roads, walkways, and parking lots are icy. When negligence or a dangerous condition is to blame, you may be entitled to financial recovery. This article will explain two of the most important Massachusetts laws you need to be aware of as

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When to Modify Your Divorce Agreement

How long has it been since you terminated your marriage? Have your circumstances changed since then? While your divorce may last forever, your divorce agreement can change over time. There are many reasons to consider modifying your divorce agreement. Some examples include: a significant change in income that will impact child support or alimony payments a job change requiring a move needs of aging children the remarriage of the party awarded the alimony Child Support

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Understanding Medical Malpractice in Massachusetts

Medical negligence is an unfortunate outcome, often attributed to an overburdened medical care system. Many parties can be held liable for negligence, from hospitals to doctors, nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists, and pharmacists. Medical malpractice is defined as negligence in the medical care and treatment provided by a healthcare professional. There are many different types of medical malpractice claims. Injury from the following can be the result of medical negligence: failure to correctly diagnose a condition

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Understanding Child Support in Massachusetts

Divorce cases involving children often require a court decision regarding which parent should have physical and/or legal responsibility. Whether granted joint or sole custody, physical custody designates where the child will actually live. The parent who the child resides with most of the time is considered the custodial parent. The non-custodial parent may be required to provide for a child or children in the form of child support, which is paid to the custodial parent.

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